Affiliate Espionage Review

When building my websites I always look to see if there are tools available to facilitate the process of marketing.  In this case I was looking to purchase the Affiliate Espionage tool to help with my PPC campaign in Adwords.  Everything that I read about Affiliate Espionage I liked and the price was really attractive, at only $9.99.

Like any tool that I purchase, I try to find any reviews I can from real world users of the product and not just hype on the official website.  If you are looking for an honeset affiliate espionage review, look no further than, where experience takes a backseat to hype.

Thanks to this review, I went ahead and purchased the Affiliate Espionage firefox plugin.  It’s already paid the small entry fee price off and I feel it needs a recommendation.


Toshiba HD

Has anyone else made the jump to HD TV?  Personally, I’ve never looked back since I bought my LCD TV a few years ago, but now I’m on the fence on what kind of HD player to purchase.  I had made my mind up on HD-DVDs, but now that Toshiba has dropped out of the game, that idea is shot.  Now my only choices are Blu-Ray DVD and write checks directly to Sony.

Also, have you noticed how active in the HD market Toshiba is getting now, creating specialized products?  Apparently Toshiba now holds the title for world’s smallest HD camera, the IK-HD1 weighs less than 2.3 ounces.  It’s expensive too, good thing I already purchased my Canon HD10. 😉

Going Down In Flames…says it best.

Watt’s Up With That has a great article detailing the frailty of the latest global warming bill trying to get passed as legislature.  David has a number of good points on how there are reasons NOT to pass this bill, because there are yet too many questions still left unanswered.  Personally, I subscribe to the ‘Global Warming is the greatest hoax ever played on mankind’ theory, but I’m a nut job.

How could we, as a human race, be so absolutely full of ourselves to think that we could effect climate?  Has the Earth not proven over and over that we have no control over her, one way or another.  Families still die in Tornadoes, Hurricanes still destroy cities, and earth quakes still level countries…we can’t stop it.  Climate is just another factor that we can’t get our hands around and change one way or another, it will do what it wants until the end.

Meanwhile, our government is trying to pass more laws to punish those that wish to profit in this capitalist market.  The liberals are trying to tax something else and Al Gore is just trying to remain in the lime light, or any light for that matter.  It damn near frustrates me to no end.

Used Refrigerators

Again, my search for new sites has found me a great mashup site using eBay to sell used refrigerators.  Why did I find this site?  Well, warm weather is here and I’m always outside in my garage…which happens to be a long way away from my cold beer in the house.  Therefore, I found a great price on a used refrigerator to set next to my work bench.

Also, after looking I started checking out what else eBay had to offer and it gave me some ideas.  Apparently you can get a used kegerator for fairly cheap, which would allow you to draw beer from a keg with a tap and everything.  Now, this would put my garage one step away from turning into the local bar. 😉  I guess time will tell what I do with this purchase.

Time for Golf

As far as I’m concerned, as soon as it reaches consistent 50’s throughout the day it’s considered golf time. In the past week I’ve enjoyed golfing through Par 3 courses that never had water traps, which did due to storms and fought gusts of 40 mph. To be honest, I had just as much then this past week as I ever did in the beautiful 80 degree weather of last summer.

However, my game sucks and my gear is even worse, which I blame for my bad game. 😉 I hope to find a good used golf cart somewhere locally, but I don’t have a lot of money. In addition, my golf clubs are also starting to look like I stole them from a homeless man. It’s ok though, because the most important part of the game is walking the links and smuggling a 6-pack.

Format War Over?

Has the next generation DVD format been decided? Do we now know which will win between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray? Last week Toshiba announced that they were no longer going to be supporting HD-DVD and many industry experts agree that it was the nail in the coffin for the losing format, HD-DVD. But won’t consumers really win, once there is a single format to support.

As far as high definition media goes, I won’t be buying into any HD-DVD players or products and save my money up for a quality Blu-Ray player. The only draw back is that Microsoft is still holding firm, with wanting to hold onto putting HD-DVD players in their laptops and the Xbox 360. Pfft, lets see some lower prices.

Mustangs For Sale

If you have followed any of my other blogs you would know that I am a Mustang Fanatic, I bleed blue and I fart gas (duh :P). Unfortunately the time has come for me to either get on the train and start working on my project 92 Mustang LX or sell it off to someone who is going to take care of it. I just want what’s best for it.

The good news is that if I decide to sell it there are plenty of other stangs on the market for great prices. Finding a Mustang for Sale is easier, since a nation wide market is available on ebay. So many choices, so little money. 🙂